New Patients

Welcome New Patients!

As a new patient, please prepare by printing the appropriate Intake Forms- including the “Welcome Intake“, either the “Private Health Insurance” orAuto Insurance” (for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims only), the “HIPPA“, and the “Scope of Practice” (select the provider you will be seeing) forms. When you get to the office you will need to sign an Informed Consent form as well.

Download and print the appropriate form by clicking on the link on the right side of this page, in the Quick Links menu. Bring the completed form with you for your first visit.

First Visit

Your first visit will be approximately one and a half hours, where your entire system is evaluated from a Chinese medical perspective and then an appropriate acupuncture treatment is administered. We will discuss your health from physical, lifestyle, nutritional and emotional viewpoints.

• Wear comfortable clothing
• Do not eat a big meal just prior, but do not be hungry

For additional information, please visit the New Patient Frequently Asked Questions.

We currently accept a large range of insurance plans. A list of the health insurance providers that we contract with is available here.